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The team at McCoy Media Inc.® extends our love and prayers to the nation, families, neighbors, colleagues and friends in light of the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak, while together we survived these unprecedented times.  As recommended by the CDC, we encourage checking the World Health Organization's website at for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Together we are now STRONGER AND BETTER than ever before.



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About Our Entertainment, Consultancy & Media Company

McCOY MEDIA INC. is a renowned organization, revered for its unmatched expertise in delivering exceptional entertainment and premium event services. With a 30-year legacy in sports and entertainment production, we stand as a credible authority in crafting top-notch experiences and value-based deliverables for our clients.  At McCOY MEDIA INC. we do what it takes to stay ahead of the game. Our dedicated, experienced, talented and professional production team has over 30 years in the business of live entertainment and performances.  We incorporate innovative ideas and successful strategies to ensure that our clients get to the top and stay there. We KNOW what to do to make EVERY event the talk of the town.  We have been leaders in creating buzzworthy events and campaigns for a wide array of industries on a global scale.

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    FALL 2024
    Las Vegas
    FALL 2024
    Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    FALL 2024
    Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nothing Like It! THAT'S IT.
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Creativity Knows No Bounds



Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, our clients have managed to get the results they sought after from our consulting services.  With carefully guided event deck proposals we build effective, repeat satisfaction results while creating partnerships with a purpose for the glory of Sports, Entertainment and Brand Management industries.

We Execute Your Vision

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We specialize in live entertainment for a variety of events and sports venues.  One reason we're able to provide for a wide range of event types is that our team has mastered an array of experience in a spectrum of Arenas, Stadiums, Amphitheaters, Lounges and Festivals.  Whether you want us to provide our own suggested performance package, or you have your own requests; we are flexible and accommodating for virtually every music type and event specification.  No matter what it is:  WE GOT YOU!


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At McCoy Media Inc. we add a special ambience to any event, concert, family show, tour, festival, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, sporting gig, panels and even celebrity appearance and marketing exposure. Our Event Booster packages will elevate your vision and provide best-in-class services equal to over-the-top production.  Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.  You get to focus on your vision while we execute it because WE DO EVENTS....REALLY GOOD!

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Movers & Shakers

At MCCOY MEDIA INC., we believe that significant results can only come from great work, which is what we’ve been committed to since our founding in 2017. We’re an influential Entertainment Content Company dedicated to helping our clients get experienced production behind their events.

Through a combination of press work, promotions and events, we’ve become experts at getting our clients’ brands noticed. We form strong and successful relationships and partnerships with our clientele, and are proud of the heights we reach together.

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As an Executive with a track record of driving scalable capabilities across Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment industries, she has worked with top of the world-famous platforms and individuals for the past 30 years.  In addition, she successfully maintains responsibility for the overall Customer Service/Guest & Premium VIP Experiences for more than 20,000 guests while hosting over 3,000 events within a ten-year period (300+ per year).  Stacey's behind-the-scenes/boots on the ground work within the Arena environment with the world's iconic events from Miami, New York, Texas and beyond include Billy Joel, Rihanna, Backstreet Boyz, Taylor Swift, Disney, Oprah, Celine Dion, F1 Races, NBA Championship Parades and the list goes on.  She also co-produced the Miami Itinerary for legendary Hip Hop's great Kurtis Blow for his documentary, "We're Playing Basketball.  It was only fitting for her to create, operate and pop her sparkle for McCoy Media Inc.  Stacey positions brands and celebrities at the nexus of people, content and systems creating memorable and one-of-a-kind experiences for EVERYONE.

Stacey is an expert who has been known for game changing event execution turnarounds, capital efficiency, business continuity and risk management solutions with accredited and globally recognized business know-how in multinational business environments.

Stacey "walks the walk and talks the talk".  As a speaker and powerful exponent of sustainability, she continues to slay the Sports & Entertainment industry with her magical leadership in event execution through best practices and cost savings for her clientele.  She listens to her clients' needs, provides experienced versions of their vision and goes FULL THROTTLE to deliver and exceed her client's expectations 100% of the time.  Stacey is well-known for her unmatched level of integrity and always maintains a super cool vibe.  Everybody loves Stacey because to know her is to love her-you can often hear her crediting her "superstar team" for doing what they do to get it done. She uses her voice, special resources and platforms at all times for "women's empowerment" to not only uplift women everywhere and anywhere; but partners with other bad-ass females to ensure their voices and skills are seen and heard.

Stacey's famous line is:  I know all of the right ways to get your production, events or business where you want it to be while generating you lots of revenue-let's package your success together and get this thing poppin!  She is a pivot-master believing that ANYTHING is ATTAINABLE when you work hard and do right by people.



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